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DeLaVega Golden's Litters

Perfect Matches for breeding the best puppies

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DeLaVega Goldens Latest Litters

Our latest litters and beautiful puppies!

Becky x Manolo

We got 7 puppies from this litter! (5 females and 2 males)

Ipanema x Roman

We got 11 healthy and adorable puppies (5 females and 6 males)

BeeBee x Bocelli

We got 9 beautiful puppies (3 females and 6 males) 
All of the puppies have a forever home with incredible owners that give them their deserved love and attention!

Puppies Available: 0

Becky x Roman

We are blessed to have received 7 beautiful and healthy puppies to the world! 
5 girls, 2 boys
Puppies available: 2

Ipanema x Roman II

Ipanema’s second litter with Roman! We got 9 incredible puppies with a great behavior! 
7 girls, 2 boys
Puppies available: 0

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